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My favorite resources for understanding the use of CBD

There is many reasons why I am a full on believer in CBD. From personal experience in improving my skin health and brain function, to witnessing other's successes with CBD, and then there's what we keep finding from continued research. With it's legalization, more and more scientific research is being done, and it all is has been positive. I thought that providing links to some of my go to places for understanding, would be beneficial in assisting others in their journey or understanding and assist in their choices.

I'll start with this link on the Endocannibinoid System from UCLA, UCLA dives into educating you about your body's endocannibinoid system and what cannabinoids are, which is a basis to understanding why CBD is helpful. Probably should be your first base in understanding, which is why I linked it first. Regardless if you choose to use CBD, or any of the many other cannabinoids, you should be educated about this vital body system of yours and how it regulates so much. UCLA has a dedicated team in researching this topic and I highly recommend you click on the related links on this site.

Now that you've got a little familiar with your endocannibinoid system, I strongly recommend this article for it's ease in understanding why CBD on the skin makes sense.

CBD not only has many benefits when being applied topically, but can be used internally, to help with many medical conditions and symptoms. I am proud to use it daily because it helps my brain functioning so much. I can focus better, I have better memory, I am in more control of my moods because of my increased focus, and I can handle anxious thoughts and events much more strongly. But that's my personal testimony. Let me share with you a great resource for finding the collection of scientific research, organized by medical diagnosis / conditions, to assist you in your goals for health.

I sincerely hope this is helpful and above all else, I hope you find relief from whatever it is you suffer from in this human condition. I hope that you continue to search for ways to improve you and your loved ones quality of life.

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