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Beauty in the Mountains

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

I love finding beauty. I can find it nearly anywhere. Admittedly, we all know it is not hard to find beauty in Colorado's beautiful mountains. Sights to behold are literally EVERYWHERE. From the below and above the mountains, views are full of majestically beautiful creations of nature. It inspires you to be your highest version of yourself. It incites physical activity of many forms. It really can open your mind to endless possibilities. Luckily, it did that for me.

Shortly after moving to Colorado in 2013, I was noticing the differences in my skin being in a new climate. My skin was drier which threw my sebum production off and caused acne breakouts. I woke every morning with dry skin spots. I've always been into beauty and product testing, so I began a whole bunch of skin care testing. (Not Recommended)

I was reminded of a daydream I have had of becoming an esthetician. I looked it up and Colorado is great place to be an esthetician. The combination of us being closer to the sun and a dry climate calls for customized skin care. Soon after this discovery, I began my Esthetician Course.

A couple years later, I found myself relocating a little further west. I found a love of community. I desired to contribute to that community with my passions and skills set. I truly enjoy pampering people and helping them feel like the highest version of their self. Making people feel loved and comfortable is something I strive for in my every day life and its a great skill to have in an esthetician's treatment room.

High Bliss Beauty is the name of my solo esthetician beauty studio. It's located in historic Georgetown, Colorado. An old mining town turned adorable at the base of the mountain pass, Guanella Pass. There's much preserved history here with western vibes and victorian buildings. High Bliss Beauty is right in the historic downtown area, nuzzled in a courtyard called " Taos Square '.

In my beauty studio, I create a personal, comfortable space for just the client and I. I prefer to use clean and plant based ingredients. I also have a passion for CBD and it's benefits to the body, including the skin, and I incorporate CBD skin serums in many of my services. With it's anti-inflammatory and balancing properties, it helps greatly in my facials and waxing services. Brow Designs are very fun for me, as I enjoy discovering best shapes and utilizing brow mapping tools along with brow tinting and Henna Brows. I also provide lash lifts & make up applications.

I am HIGHLY BLISSED and Blessed to be here, in this community, in my passions, and following my dreams. Finding beauty in the mountains is not difficult, but if you'd like to add yours, I'd love to hear from you. ~ Your Loving Esthetician, Colleen

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